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Who We Do It For

Our clients understand the importance and value of personal and professional development. Our coaching clients are business owners, leaders and senior management from a variety of industries:

Our workshops and training participants include administration professionals, managers, supervisors, sales teams. We help them develop new communication skills and show them how to create positive changes in themselves and others so they can Have it All...in life and work

Here is a sample of some of the thousands of testimonials we have received about Su Thomas:

Best teacher ever! Very professional, knowledgeable, and funny! I would recommend this course to anyone, mostly with Su! H. Picard, Infrastructure Canada

Excellent course, and better yet instructor. Su has energy and personality that makes the course fun! I. Kraszewski, Social Development Canada

Excellent course for improving overall communication skills. B. Biswal, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Excellent Instructor! N. Auger Canadian Forces

Finally, someone who teaches us to work more effectively with many types of different people. Thanks this is really going to make a big difference. S. Guimard, Canada Border Services Agency

Great course that will go a long way to helping me meet my career objectives. C.Taylor, Ministry of Natural Resources

Great Course, exceptional Facilitator who has met all of my expectations. A. Gratton, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Great job Su, you are certainly knowledgable and a breath of fresh air. D. Foshay, Public Safety and Emerg Prepardness Canada

Instructor made the training course enjoyable and thus training was relaxed M. Eng, Canada Revenue Agency

It has been a pleasure meeting and learning from Su. Hope we meet again, she made training fun and interesting. V. McLeod, Canada Border Services Agency

Su Thomas is an excellent instructor, I've learned a lot from this workshop. L. Nguyen Health Canada

Our instructor Su Thomas was just the best. I have attended many of these sessions and the material and instructor were just excellent and really interesting. Very well put together. D. Arcand, Canada Revenue Agency

Su is a natural speaker that is never boring or dull. She can deliver the message and course in a warm and friendly atmosphere that promotes information retention and key ideas to put into practice. J. Lamoureux, Health Canada

Su is great-high energy, great performance! Keeps you interested the whole time. J. Byerley, Indian and Northern Affairs

Su knows exactly how to deliver material. R. Fadel, Canada Border Services Agency

Su really helped me realize that many of my communication methods were wrong and now I can go on and be successful. Su is the best teacher and she has now hooked me on taking more communications courses. M.J.Cardinal, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Su Thomas is a great instructor. I would take any course she teaches. R. Veeren, Health Canada

Su Thomas is a phenomenal speaker and I would recommend this course to everyone! J. Jones, Indian and Northern Affairs

Su Thomas is an excellent instructor, lots of energy, fun and informative. J. Daly Canada Border Services Agency

Su Thomas is not common. Right down to the sincere humor, good choice of body placement in room, eye contact etc?she is very talented. L. Bouchard, Public Health Agency of Canada

Su Thomas is the best teacher/speaker you can get! C. Proulx, Treasury Board of Canada

Su Thomas made this whole course! Kept the attention of participants and actually made you want to listen and learn. A. Garamszegi, Health Canada

Su Thomas rocks! J. Blain, Ministry of Health

Su was a terrific leader, letting us discover for ourselves, but also giving solid information and options for how to deal with different and challenging situations and people. K. Lillico, Library and Archives Canada

Su was an incredible trainer, very inspiring. N. McGee, Defence R&D Canada

Super trainer! S.Bertrand, Health Canada

Thanks Su, your energy was inspiring! T.Bartolini, Auditor General of Canada

The instructor was exceptional. F. Horne, Indian and Northern Affairs

The instructor was extremely enthusiastic and captivated the attention of the entire group. M. Rousselle, Health Canada

The instructor was extremely motivating in her presentation and kept the class lively through the interaction time we experienced. S. Porter, Public Works and Government Services Canada

The instructor was simply EXCELLENT! Her presentation skills are a perfect model to refer to or to learn from. Z. Atif, National Research Council Canada

The instructor was very animated and she kept my attention the whole time. By her example, she taught me how to better communicate orally and in writing. C. Boehme, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The instructor was very energetic and knew what she was talking about.

The instructor was vibrant, and delivered everything perfectly! J.Guitard, Foreign Affairs and International Trade

The instructor's dynamics, the excellent material covered, the active participation of the class surpassed my expectation. S. Lepage, Public Works and Government Services Canada

The instructor's energy and enthusiasm made the course. A. Ficko, Canada Border Services Agency

The instructor's energy, enthusiasm, and humor were key to a successful workshop. She kept us motivated and interested throughout. A. Gravelle, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Wonderful Teacher! M. James, Foreign Affairs and International Trade